Friday, October 23, 2009

people are creative

I spent last week at my brother's wedding in the UK. The wedding was held at Stoke Park Club, a gorgeous golf club and event venue. It's often featured in of films, one of which was Goldfinger (1964) which showed the most memorable game of golf in cinema history, when James Bond defeated Auric Goldfinger on the 18th green. During the reception a silhouette cutter came round making one-of-a-kind hand-cut silhouettes out of thin matte-black paper for each of the guests to take home. Each cutting took barely 3 minutes - the woman was an absolute pro - and after cutting your profile out, she taped it onto a cream-colored sleeve. a copy of each one goes to the newly-weds so they can have a scrapbook of all their guests. ( luckily there were only 80 people at this wedding, but imagine a larger wedding! ) My mom ended up taking mine home with her but the image above is one i found on facebook belonging to another guest from our wedding. i fully intend on framing mine when i get my hands on it :)

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