Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the biggest reason i love apple

i love this service! Apple Expert is awesome! The other day my 3 1/2 year old macbook pro power adapter burst into flames at work. the smell was terrible. my adapter is well out of warranty so i was sad because i knew i'd have to buy another one for $80.

i kind of moped around for a week and procrastinated. i hate that Apple's warranty for any product seems to expire approximately 90 seconds before the product finally breaks. anyways i almost bought a new charger until my friend told me about calling Apple. If you call these people, they do SO much for you. The awesome customer service almost makes up for the aesthetically pleasing but exceptionally fragile design of their products. they agreed to send me a new charger for free. i was surprised when it showed up FedEx the next day!

because im out of warranty, usually i would have to return the old charger, but they excused that part because the fact that the charger was flaming is a safety hazard. i guess they wanted to keep me happy so i wouldn't tell anyone :)

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