Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running Around Brooklyn

I've been going for a run everyday to get in shape!

Today I went for a tour of the Hasidic Jewish community. All the little Hasidic kids were out playing on the sidewalks, riding old tricycles around, and leaving them abandoned to go play something else. That really caught my eye. The kids don't have to lock up their bikes. Unlike where I lived last year in Bed-Stuy. They LOCK their bikes up good in Bed-Stuy. In this picture I took last year near my place in Bed-Stuy, the lock and chain probably cost more than that pink training bike.. which I love.

Today when I was in the heart of the Hasidic community, there was nothing but Hasidic buildings for like a two mile radius. I didn't know it was so big. It's really unusual watching how the children play in the streets here. There are so many. For a little perspective - Hasidic families average around 6.7 children each. On one block each building has around 5 stories. That's a lot of families and a TON of little kids. 

They were all outside today playing on the sidewalks, decked out in the usual - immaculate pastel colored dress clothes - the kind I only had to wear for Christmas and Easter. Sisters wear matching dresses like twins and the brothers match, too. It's cute. The area is a little island of safety in the middle of NYC. Even though it's bordered by some of the most dangerous ghettos in the city, this place is removed enough that no one bothers them. The only danger is maybe getting hit by a mini-van.

If you'd like to try this scenic run, view my route here: Loop of Hasidim!

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