Wednesday, February 17, 2010

olympic ads, courtesy of:

This brand new flatscreen TV!

I mean it's about time.

This is Juan and the TV - my two new room mates - lucky me.

Now that I have a TV worth watching (the one it replaced was a 50-lb craiglist-mistake), I can watch all kinds of worthless crap on basic cable.

Ok so I'm not actually interested in the shows for the most part, but it's been a long time since I've had access to TV spots - which are mostly appalling but every once in a while something nice flicks by.

Especially tonight. The winter Olympics are on. Juan and I like to watch the figure skating - it's easy for both of us to contribute. He's still working on his english so ice-skating is a relief at the end of the day because we can just sit and drink Casa del Toro and throw out one-liners when the skaters fuck up. Tonight is men's long program. This year every man is beautiful. Gorgeous. I've never seen so many many physically blessed men in one place. I hear myself gasp almost every time one enters the rink. Juan reminds me that they're gay. "Nicole, look at this tranny!" I guess I'm not paying that much attention but I'm concerned because that thought hadn't occurred to me, even though the skater on screen is wearing a pink and purple sequin leotard. He looks good.

Between the sequined gays, a couple good commercials come on.

I like the new Audi spot even though the car's like.. i'm sorry.. really ugly. Call me old fashioned, but.. what is that black part on the side at the end? Yikes?

And then this little Sun Chips gem came on! I love it! I don't know if it's the song or the time lapse or the fact that the bag is BIODEGRADABLE, but I smiled.

But tonight AT&T's 3G spot took the cake because their timing is RIGHT ON: I've been obsessed with the song in this spot - Intro by The xx - for the last 48 hours. iTunes can't even keep up with my play count. When this ad came on, Intro was playing on my laptop already. I thought I was hullucinating. I like it when I hear a new album and I get to have it all to myself for a while but it's only been 2 days and the Olympics went ahead and blasted it front and center for the whole country. I guess I'm late to the party.

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